An inspiring person plants a new idea.

I am a little frustrated with business core units at the moment. In order to get my degree I need to do eight subjects from diverse business areas like economics, accounting, business ethics, management, international business and quantitative analysis. This is a total of one year being used to study subjects – which apart from a broad understanding – I will never use.

It is frustrating because it takes away from my participation and extra concentration on subjects that I actually enjoy and would persue as a career option, such as virtual culture, media technologies and advertising strategy.

Anyway I was talking to a student I am doing group work with who is so enthusiastic about university and about her future career. She told me that she really just stopped one day and realised that she wasn't enjoying what she was doing and decided to stop. She went overseas and travelled around and was exposed to a number of different things but looked inside to really discover what would inspire her everyday. Then she did it.

I – always making excuses – replied 'Yeah, I just need some money to go exploring' and she said, well start saving and in a couple of months do it. I have always thought of money as something to save. I have money in the bank just waiting for what; I don't know.

So the plan is; spend it. Force myself to get a job when I become poor (I'm not working at the moment because I don't really know why I would) and probably be a lot happier now rather than waiting to be happier in the future.