MyMac – I’m using it right now!

I’ve had my Apple MacBook Pro for three months now, so I thought it would be a good time to let people know what I think about it.

Originally I wasn’t all that amazed by my Mac. I noticed that it was a much better looking laptop than ‘the others’ and that there were a few differences in the way it works (packages, encryption, installations, diskimages).

    However, something I noticed straight away was the amazing online community of users. I type questions into Google all the time about how to do different things on Tiger, and I always find people who have the answer. From – “How do I clean the screen?” to “How do I change icons for files?”.

    The Apple website offers some great support and tutorials, but there are so many other websites and forums which give advice. I also found that there is so many great free applications. I use Adium as my IM client, Cyberduck for FTP and Flicker Uploader for … (well that one is self explanatory). It is really great to feel part of something different.

    Now when I’m at uni without my MacBook, I seek out the Macs on campus, and my next computer or laptop purchase will also be a Mac.