Our young people are worried!

All this talk about global warming and environmental damage has my younger sister worried about the issues. She had a debate with me today about introduced animal species having a negative effect on the natural wildlife. She doesn’t want to eat meat because “what did animals ever do to us”. She blames farmers for clearing the habitats of native animals and leading to their extinction or endangerment, in order to grow crops and raise animals. She knows all about electricity creating CO2 and pollution.

She suggested people live in skyscrapers so we don’t use as much land. And planting more trees to provide habitats for native animals. I told her that the government should be thinking about those things and that she shouldn’t be worried about solving societies problems. I told her that she could try to save electricity and water in the house, recycle, keep the cat inside, write to her local MP about her opinions, and talk to her friends.

It is worrying that an eight year old is concerned about these issues.

Governments care about the economy. Well yeah, it’s important. But do you remember being a kid and actually giving a shit about native wildlife and air pollution. I do. Maybe I decided that I just couldn’t do anything about it. Maybe I caught up worrying about school, uni and getting a job. Society sucks.