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The Toowoomba “waste of money” Chronicle

The Toowoomba Chronicle (the only local, daily Toowoomba newspaper) notifies readers of happy stories using a happy face. Basically, it allows people to select the news they would like to read based on whether it is ‘positive/happy’ or ‘bad/negative’. Is it just me, or does anyone else think this is a little ridiculous?

I am very interested what other people think about this… What is the purpose of this? Do you agree with it?

The Toowoomba Chronicle also allows readers to SMS in Letters to the Editor. Which is fine in theory, however the editor doesn’t edit any of the text messages. The letter therefore goes to print like this:

“Good.Friday. The.Day Jesus Christ Died.4 Us…Living near the park hearing loud thumping music from the so-called Gospel Festival on a day that should one of reverent, respeSctful and quiet remebrance. Really disgusts me.” – Doylo brother,phillip street

Or like this:

“I live in bridge st near holberton st and I can hear so called music from agmf this far away from queens park what must people who live nearer park have to suffer for 3 days come on tcc and others time to move it” – no author submitted

Obviously I can understand what these people are trying to say but couldn’t the editor add some punctuation and fix a few errors (newspaper readers are not the most technology savvy people) before this rubbish gets put in the paper.

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