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Health Ledger

I don’t really know how I feel about this yet. I feel like I need to know how he died before I can really feel shocked or deeply saddened or whatever.

For the moment, I just wanted to say that he was such an amazingly talented, thoughtful person. The role that I will remember him for was Ennis in Brokeback Mountain. This film really affected me. His character was real!

“Yeah, a big part of Ennis, purely because as you said, there were very few words to convey his story and his battle, a big part of it was actually in fact going inside him and trying to explain his battle. I knew it was going to be a very physical performance and so I wanted to physicalise this battle within his posture or lack of posture, within his accent, like his voice was very important. I wanted him to be clenched and I wanted his mouth to be a clenched fist and I wanted to words to be just punching their way out from within. Just any form of expression had to be painful. So I spent a lot of time developing his stance, his physical and mental posture, cause that was going to be really important to the character.” – Health Ledger from the 7.30 Report (Jan 13, 2006)

Photo: Mick Tsikas – AAP

Race: the power of an illusion

In my opinion, Race: The power of an Illusion is a must see documentary.

My favourite part of the documentary was when they proved that I (that is, me, myself, centophobia) may have more genetic similarity to someone of a different ‘race’ than someone of my own ‘race’. Which raises the question – what is race if not a word to explain differences between groups of people?

I could be part of the “dumbo race”

Having now found out that there is as much genetic similarity within a group of people as there is between groups of people, is race simply a term we should use to represent the few visual characteristics that distinguish groups of people – for example, different skin colours, eyes and hair texture. And if so, should we also perhaps use race as a term to distinguish between people with big ears, a large penis or bushy eyebrows.

So why are Ethiopians brilliant at marathons and African American’s great at singing? It isn’t because they are genetically different; it reflects the environmental, cultural and social discrimination which exists in our societies.

The documentary concluded that race – as an objective measure – no longer exists. So stop using it, you ‘racist’ prick.

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