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K’Gari means Paradise

I fully support a dual naming of Fraser Island to include its Traditional name, K’Gari.

The State Government confirmed at the weekend it was considering a proposal for dual-naming of the iconic island.

The local Butchulla people want the internationally renowned island’s traditional name K’gari restored. K’gari means paradise.

The Fraser Coast Chronicle

While I understand that the island has been marketed as Fraser Island for decades, and the region, for a lesser period, as the Fraser Coast, I do think that a gradual introduction of the Traditional name is appropriate and worthwhile.

This discussion, for me, brought up a wider topic: that Australia doesn’t tend to exploit it’s rich and interesting Aboriginal history and culture to attract tourists. We should consider renaming locations and landmarks throughout Australia to reflect their Traditional names, not just to include and recognise the Indigenous people of those areas, but also to attract tourism and develop a sense of community.

Broadly speaking, the Indigenous story or history behind a name is often much more interesting and meaningful than the story behind the currently recognised name, even to non-Indigenous Australians.

What the Prime Minister could and should say next Australia Day…

The Honourable John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia, 26 January 2008:

Australia Day has always been an occasion when all Australian celebrate the amazing country we live in. We gather together to celebrate the prosperity and the freedom of our country.

“However, we forget that the land we now stand on has always been the land of Australia’s aboriginal people. These people have a deep emotional and spiritual association with this land and it is time that we reflected on the feelings of these aboriginal people.

“From this day forward, part of every Australia Day celebration around the country, will also include a short moment of silence to remember that since white settlement, the local inhabitants of this land have been disadvantaged. They have been locked away, forced into slavery and treated as second class citizens. So while the rest of us celebrate, these locals have been mourning the loss of their culture; their heritage.

“So let us now pause and reflect on this fact…”

Now that wasn’t so hard was it?

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Australian Flag Debate

Australian Flag Debate

This is a small sample of one of the flags that could replace the current Australian flag. The design was created by Brendan Jones and the full design can be viewed at ausflag. This flag is definitely my favourite as it uses the Aboriginal and Australian flags together, separated by a strip of white which represents peace and reconciliation, and the yellow forms a boomerang shape. The design is simple and distinctive and has meaning for all Australians. Why a new flag? The Australian flag is not distinct from others (especially New Zealand) and, with the Union Jack in the canton (the position of honour), it is implied that “Britain still commands our loyalty more than does Australia”.